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About us

Falmouth is a member of the network of Surfers Against Sewage plastic free communities that spans the UK. Since November 2017 we have been responding to the growing problem of plastic litter in our town and beaches - and are one of the 12 communities with certified status in Cornwall, head to the Plastic Free Communities Site to find out more.

Through actions and events organised through our sites, together we hope to minimise our town's contribution to this crisis. If you'd like to become involved in any aspects of the campaign, please send us an email or contact us on social media.

The fight against single-use

Plastic pollution has sadly become synonymous with any coastal activity, from surfing to swimming, beach holidays to wildlife watching – it is simply an expected part of our experience. This is why addressing marine plastic pollution, and specifically tackling society’s throwaway, excessive or unnecessary plastic culture, is now a top priority. Plastic pollution is an issue that connects the environment with all parts of society, and is something that we can take action on at every level. Indeed, it will only be through concrete, collective, positive action that we will be able to catalyse the shift that is needed to stop the flood of plastic pollution from degrading our world.

our plans

- We run clean-up events; find out when we are running our next ones here.

- We are signing up independant businesses to our plastic free champions scheme.

- We are continuing to inform and educate through outreach, meetings, displays and activities.

- The purchasing of a large-scale public item is on the table. We are looking into the viability of a sea bin or community composter (but are open to suggestions!)

- We narrowly missed the time-window for funding of 16 public barbeques on Gylly  Beach due to insurance issues, but the campaign will be readressed soon in association with the Beach Management Commitee.

- Currently we are carrying out initiatives with Keep Britain Tidy's entirely recycled Galstonbury stage, Britain in Bloom, Falmouth Shanty Festival, Falmouth Marine Conservation and the region of Azores.


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