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Plastic free champions

PFF certificate.PNG

Plastic Free Champions are local businesses, schools and public services that have taken steps to become more sustainable in their workplace. To apply you simply have to remove three items involving single-use plastic, showing interest in making future changes for the community. If you want your establishment to become a champion and support the movement (and receive a stylish plaque visible left) click here.

Falmouth's plastic free champions

PFF yacht club.PNG

Royal cornwall yacht club

The Club has cut out plastic straws, bottles and pint glasses. They even recycle crisp packets and aim to carry on reducing their plastic usage throughout the club. They welcome sailors of all ages and abilities to come and participate.

PFF lacave.PNG

La cave restaurant

Situated on the High Street in central Falmouth La Cave is a wonderfully atmospheric and rustic French restaurant.

They have consciously removed plastic straws, plastic mixer bottles and plastic drinks stirrers.


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PFF pendennis.jpg

Pendennis castle

Pendennis Castle is one of Henry VIII’s finest coastal fortresses. The on-site cafe has made some recent changes: replacing plastic bottles with glass and cans, replacing plastic cutlery  with metal and plastic sachets with refillable glass bottles of local produce.

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Harbour Lights

Harbour lights are voted the best fish and chips in the UK. Not only are their fish and chips sustainable, they are also a Plastic-Free Champion.

They are also a Refill location and you can buy Falmouth Marine Conservation Refill bottles there too.  

castle beach cafe.jpg

Castle Beach Café

Being directly beside castle beaches expansive and diverse rock-pools, the cafe's reduction in plastic is especially responsable. With a push for recycling bins and a 2-minute beach clean station, they also help Falmouth Marine conservation to run beach cleans.

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PFF cutty sark.jpg

Cutty sARK INN

A retake on the historical Inn located at 4 Grove Place in Falmouth. They have removed plastic straws, stirrers and single-use toiletries.

"We are looking to implement a closed loop process around food and cardboard waste by onsite composting”

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Gd Vbs.jpg

Good Vibes café

With great atmosphere, local ingrediants and flavours - the clue is in the name. They Removed plastic smoothie cups, takeaway cups and straws.

"We are always working to improve our ethical practices and cutting down on single use plastic was an important step for us."




The healthy fast food, Fal Falafel is one of the original food pop-ups based on the Moor.They have removed plastic cups, water bottles and spoons.

"We currently discount customers that bring their own cups and are going to offer mugs to customers that sit just outside"

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Murney's munchies

The solution to all your sweet treat dreams is murney's. Straws are made from shells, they have Vegware Slushie cups and use wooden cutlery.

“No plastic bags for sweets, all paper. Waffle holders are cardboard. Any non-recycling refuse is incinerated”

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PFF atta.jpg

Atta street food

Atta is an Indian thali street food stand, taking inspiration from the region of Kerela and offering a sustainable, vegan feast.
They have removed plastic lined takeaway boxes and thali trays as well as subbing disposable cutlery for metal sets.
“We aim to be a zero-waste company in the future”


"glas" art & Lifestyle

GLAS is where the keen smoker will find an aray of quality paraphernalia.
They have removed plastic bags, reduced plastic packaging and re-use bubble wrap.

“We are collaborating with sustainable product design students to develop our own range of eco-packaging and merchandise."

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PFF the brig.jpg

The brig rum bar

The Brig is where any rum connoisseurs would find themselves. They also do cocktails and barbequed food.

They have replaced plastic straws with reusable metal ones. They have swapped plastic cocktail sticks with bamboo sticks and have glass bottles instead of plastic ones.

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PFF the boathouse.PNG

The boathouse

A place to watch sports, eat and drink with the Fal Estuary as your backdrop, The Boathouse has indoor and heated outdoor seating.

They have removed plastic straws, stirrers and shot glasses. The "Dead Sea" halloween event will decorate the pub and costumes with recovered beach clean waste.

PFF jarrang.PNG

jarrang falmouth

A environmentally conscious email marketing company, Jarrang has offices in Falmouth & London.
They have swapped regular bin bags for recyclable ones and plastic hand soap bottles for a fixed dispenser. They also supply reusable canvas bags for all employees and clients.

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courtyard deli & kitchen

The Courtyard Deli & Kitchen just off Market Street in Falmouth offers a range of delicious produce from different countries and cultures.

They have removed plastic deli pots, macaron gift boxes and plastic straws.

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The warehouse coffe

Right in the heart of Falmouth by Custom House Quay, this British Bistro serves up high quality, good value food .
They have removed takeaway cups, cutlery, boxes and bottles. They have told us they recycle coffe bean bags, make menus from recycled paper cups,signed up for local packshare and give "Un-Rap" used glass.


Onen tattoo

Onen tattooes is ran by Kim, a fine art graduate, who specialises in detailed black and grey, realism and dotwork.

They have removed plastic cups, bubble wrap and bags.
“As a tattoo studio, we use a lot of single use items for hygiene reasons. We think it is important to find suitable alternatives"

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PFF skovva.PNG

skovva workshop

Skovva Workshop runs a variety of unconventional educational experiences, from workshops, guest speakers to exhibitions.

They have removed plastic mixing bowls,spoons and beauty care packaging.

“We run a range of workshops that promote making products from recycled materials and plastic free packaging. “

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PFF palacio2.PNG

Palacio lounge

Situated in a grand old building on the Moor is this welcoming and friendly bar & restaurant, serving a ranging menu from morning to evening.

The Palacio Lounge have replaced plastic straws with corn-starch straws, water bottles with a refill station and have got rid of their plastic takeaway boxes.

PFF mariners.PNG

mariners fish & chips

Residing on Lower Market Street in Penryn, they serve the nation’s favourite food Monday to Saturday.
They have swapped plastic  bottles for glass and polystyrene packaging + cutlery to biodegradable alternatives. They've even made changes in the kitchen to help protect the ocean they benefit from.

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PFF unrap.PNG


They never started with plastic but who more than these deserve recognition.

Un_Rap is Falmouth's first plastic free store, supplying organic bulk-buy wholefoods. Just bring in containers, bags and bottles and pay by weight. They also sell a wide range of sustainable lifestyle products to substitute into your home.

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PFF card.PNG


Providing bespoke greeting cards to Falmouth, Penryn & beyond, Pogofandango can fulfill creative needs.

They have replaced cellophane bags with corn-starch versions, they refill washing-up liquid bottles instead of buying new ones and have moved to "who gives a crap" loo roll. "We have contacted suppliers on reducing bubble-wrap + cable ties."



Found within St George’s Arcade, Falmouth, KnowThySelf is a shop, gallery & therapy centre.

They have replaced plastic bags with paper ones, done away with plastic wrapping on own products and provide water in glasses rather than plastic bottles.

"We have started ecobricking our plastics."


WILD vibes café

Overlooking the scenic Argyll lake, Wild Vibes serves up a tasty menu. They replaced plastic straws for paper ones, plastic cups for compostables and takeaway cutlery with wooden sets.

"Using eco-friendly produce since day one, selling organic, local, vegan products, all cold drinks in glass or cans."

PFF wakers.PNG

kernow adventure park

This idyllic quarry is a little oasis, a safe playground and adventure centre for the whole family, cocooned within nature.

They have stopped selling plastic bottles of water, plastic straws and have stopped offering single-use plastic cutlery in their café.

PFF gylly.PNG

gylly beach café

Gyllingvase is Falmouth's best known beach, with the café being a constant part of the daily bustle.


They have swapped plastic straws for a vegeware alternative, as well as using compostable ice cream spoons and ditching single use cups. They also stock #ReFillCornwall aluminium water bottles.

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the mission to seafarers

The Mission to Seafarers is a welfare centre supporting those working long seasons at sea.

They have removed their drinks dispenser with plastic cups and replaced it with ceramic mugs and a kettle. They have replaced plastic glasses with glassware and replaced plastic folders for souvenirs with boxes.

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PFF hudddle.PNG


Huddle is a community exhibition space offering local food and fair-trade coffee as well as a lovely environment to meet up and chat.


They are a Plastic Free Champion and ReFill Station, having  removed plastic straws, bottles and coffee cups.

Pff nv.PNG

nv hairdressing

Just off the High Street in Falmouth, enjoy the unique salon experience with a relaxed atmosphere and amazing views.

They have stopped buying shampoo in plastic bottles and now refill the bottles they already have. They also have stopped offering single-use plastic cups and using styling spray in plastic bottles.

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PFF highcliffe.PNG



The Highcliffe is one of our first Plastic Free Champions B&B's! They have made their much loved business by the sea better for the environment by ditching single-use plastic water  bottles, changing their plastic wrapped toiletry products for ones in reusable containers and now getting their milk delivered in glass bottles.

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PFF swanpool.PNG

swanpool beach café

On swanpool beach and nature reserve, the cafe is renowned for its good food and amazing "quirky" ice creams. You can come here rent some paddleboards and kayaks.

They have achieved removing 3  single-use items of plastic and are even a Refill station.



PFF reds.PNG

little red rooster

This is where you should come for the authentic feel of an American diner in Cornwall.


They have swapped out plastic cutlery for wooden and switched plastic bags for paper. They have stopped serving straws in their drinks - including the classics such as coke floats and mississippi mud sundaes.

PFF beerwolf.PNG

Beerwolf books

The clue is in the name, this pub combines two of lifes great pleasures. Beerwolf is a traditional style pub that often holds fun events as well.

They have removed straws, plastic bags and single-use coffee cups from their bar. Find them on Bells Court in Falmouth.

PFF mylor.PNG



Situated on the edge of the water at historic Mylor Yacht Harbour, the café serves a ranging breakfast and lunch menu.


It is a #ReFill station business and have swapped plastic straws for paper, switched to wooden drinks stirrers and are phasing out their individually wrapped buscuits.

PFF working boat.PNG

the working boat

Overlooking Falmouth harbour, The Working Boat offers drinks, honest pub grub and great views.

They have brought in paper straws and replaced plastic water and hand soap bottles with glass. “All of our marketing materials are used with recycled paper and we host bi-annual beach cleans in our area of coast."

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PFF greenbank.PNG

The greenbank hotel

Falmouth’s oldest hotel is based right on the harbour side facing Flushing. It offers good food and fine contemporary comfort. They have replaced their usual coffee with Eden Project's compostable pods.Plastic toiletries have been replaced with ceramic bottles. "The Greenbank hope to be entirely plastic free by 2025."

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PFF king ch.PNG

King charles school

Although they are not necessarily a business, we have to commend the amazing changes that King Charles have made to reduce their plastic.

They have removed all single use plastic items from their canteen and encourage students to bring their re-fillable water bottles and re-usable bags to school.

PFF reds.PNG

little red rooster

This is where you should come for the authentic feel of an American diner in Cornwall.


They have swapped out plastic cutlery for wooden and switched plastic bags for paper. They have stopped serving straws in their drinks - including the classics such as coke floats and mississippi mud sundaes.

PFF beerwolf.PNG

Beerwolf books

The clue is in the name, this pub combines two of lifes great pleasures. Beerwolf is a traditional style pub that often holds fun events as well.

They have removed straws, plastic bags and single-use coffee cups from their bar. Find them on Bells Court in Falmouth.

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